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Best New Strobes And Lighting Of 2019

Best Strobes and Lighting of 2019

Best New External Flash For Photography

Profoto A1X

Best Strobes and Lighting of 2019

The company made some smart updates on this new flash from the previous A1. For example, it increased battery power for longer shooting times and quicker recycle times. It also increased the number of wireless channels. All in all, the new A1X is a great flash for anyone shooting with Nikon, Canon and now Sony.

Best New Cinema Lighting System

Westcott Flex Cine System

Best Strobes and Lighting of 2019

One of the qualities that make this such a powerful system is that all the various-size flexible mats, which are covered with small LED lights, can go where many other lights can’t go. The mats are designed with a 1/3-inch pliable surface that can be tucked into tight spaces, mounted virtually anywhere and offer up to a 360-degree beam angle. And weighing in at less than 3 pounds, it’s also lightweight.

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