Editors' Choice


Our picks for the best Pro DSLR that were released this year.

Nikon D5 DSLR
What a year it has been in the Pro DSLR category, a category that often will go years without any new contenders in the highest-end flagship category and instead include a few stalwart upgrades to the higher-end-but-not-upper-echelon of Nikon and Canon’s market. We personally love the Nikon versus Canon battle, as it’s great for the consumer. Anytime... Read more


Our picks for the best ASPC SLR cameras that were released this year.

Nikon D500 SLR
The APS-C camera market is an interesting one, as it’s generally aimed at the serious shooter who’s not quite ready for the expense and the size of a full-frame camera. The APS-C world is where many photographers land when they realize they’ve fallen in love with photography, but want more control and more quality than they can get with their... Read more


Our picks for the best mirrorless cameras that were released this year.

Sony a7S II
What a year it has been for mirrorless cameras. Bolstered by Nikon and Canon’s lack of presence in the space, a handful of competitors have rushed headlong into this maturing category, which didn’t really exist until a few years ago. The mirrorless space was really pioneered by Olympus, who deserves a great deal of credit for developing the Micro... Read more


Our picks for the best Compact cameras that were released this year.

Of all the categories in this year’s Editors’ Choice Awards, perhaps our favorite is the Compacts category. That’s because compact cameras used to be a sore point with professional shooters—when we gathered together, we would always grouse about the low-quality compacts that seemed to flood the photo channels each year. “Why,” we asked,... Read more


Our picks for the best lenses that were released this year.

Sigma 50-100mm f/1.8 DC HSM Art
Sometimes photographers forget the importance that lenses play in their images. We talk a lot about sensors and dynamic range and frame rates, but a photograph is only as good as the glass on the front of your camera. The step from a kit lens to a more professional lens often is the most important upgrade an amateur photographer will make; learning... Read more


Our picks for the best strobes and flashes that were released this year.

Canon Speedight 600EX II-RT
Shooting with available light is great, but at a certain point, you need to be able to control your light to get the photos you want. Many photographers feel intimidated by using strobes and flashes, though today’s camera technology makes using “artificial” light easier than ever. Better still, manufacturers are stepping up the technology in the... Read more


Our picks for the best LED lighting systems that were released this year.

Litepanels Astra 1x1 Bi-Color LED Panel
A few years ago, you couldn’t even find a LED light that was powerful enough to replace a traditional household light bulb, and now there are LED systems lighting everything from photo shoots to concerts in stadiums. Almost overnight we saw a sea change in lighting and a flood of new LED products for photography. At first, these LED lights were variations... Read more


Our picks for the best light modifiers that were released this year.

Westcott Rapid Box - 26" Octa Softbo
Once you’ve chosen the right lights for your shoot, you need to consider what light modifiers to use. The ability to soften, shape, disperse or sharpen light allows you to instantly change the look of any scene. For every light on the market, there are probably a dozen light modifiers available, which makes for a confusing array of tools. That said,... Read more


Our picks for the best camera supports that were released this year.

Manfrotto 055 Carbon-Fiber 3-Section Tripod
Too many photographers avoid camera supports, thinking that their use isn’t worth the trouble of lugging them around. This couldn’t be farther from the truth, as they’re essential for eliminating camera shake, capturing seamless panoramas or exploring the world of astrophotography and macro photography. Without them, stable long-exposure shots... Read more


Our picks for the best camera accessories, from bags and batteries to monitors and storage, that were released this year.

Tamrac G ELITE G32
Most photographers are gearheads. That’s not saying that we don’t hold the final image to be paramount, but if you ask most passionate photographers about their gear, they’ll talk until they’re blue in the face. Gadgets, gizmos, geegaws, whatever you call the things that fill up your camera bag, they’re essential to your creative process,... Read more

Printers & Papers

Our picks for the best photo printers and the paper to go along with them that were released this year.

In this era of instantaneous gratification, where photographs are viewed fleetingly as a 640px square on a smartphone more often than they’re savored hanging on a wall, it’s easy to forget the significance of output. We’ve heard photographers say they don’t have any need to print, and that’s hogwash. It doesn’t matter if your clients don’t... Read more


Our picks for the best photo-editing software that were released this year.

Phase One Capture One Pro 9.1
Photographers spend years amassing all of the photographic tools that they need to get the shot that they want, and then sometimes they spend their post-processing time in only one program, like Photoshop or Lightroom. The software you use to adjust your images should be as robust and varied as the tools you use to capture your photos. These picks for... Read more