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F.J. Westcott Micro Apollo

F.J. Westcott Magic Slipper Plate Adapter

F.J. Westcott has a series of Speedlite kits for accessorizing your flash, beginning with the Micro Apollo on-camera softbox for diffuse spread of white light. The Magic Slipper Plate Adapter setup lets you take the flash off of y
our camera for mounting to a more conventional and larger softbox. With a light stand and solid metal adapter ring, it also has room on the mount plate for a wireless receiver to trigger the flash. Estimated Street Price: $29 (Micro Apollo Softbox); $229 (Magic Slipper Plate Adapter).

The narrower the light source, on the other hand, the harder the light will be. Snoots concentrate the light output of your flash by shaping light into a pinpoint focus for a “spotlight” look. They can be opened up for a larger field of light or closed down for pinpointing on a specific area, making your flash particularly useful as a highlight light.

Gary Fong Powersnoot

Gary Fong has an extensive line of camera flash modifiers, including the PowerSnoot. Useful for long telephoto lenses, the PowerSnoot has extended long-distance abilities thanks to a chrome reflective interior. The PowerSnoot includes an inverted white dome for more diffuse light, and the honeycomb grid is removable for more throw. List Price: $70.

Flashpoint Q Series

From Flashpoint, the Q Series of affordable snoots are available in an “A” and a “B” size for fitting most popular flashes. They attach through a Velcro® strap. Estimated Street Price: $39.

Rogue 3-In-1 Honeycomb Grid

Often used for highlights or accent lights, honeycomb grids are a popular tool for refining the light output of a flash or strobe into a generally circular hard light center with a gradual, feathered light falloff. The ExpoImaging Rogue 3-in-1 Honeycomb Grid features a stackable design that will provide spotlights in 16°, 25° and 45°. The honeycomb cells have been designed to align to maintain light output while reducing shadows. Estimated Street Price: $49.

Honl Speed Grid & Speed Strap

Available in 1?4- or 1?8-inch models, Honl Photo’s Speed Grid is a no-frills honeycomb grid that attaches to flashes and produces a small circle of light for smaller, more detailed lighting jobs like hair highlights. The 1?8-inch version has a more narrow output of light, and both attach to most popular Canon and Nikon flashes through the separately available Speed Strap mounting system. List Price: $29 (Speed Grid); $9 (Speed Strap).

Harbor Digital Design Grids

Harbor Digital Design also offers a series of slide-on honeycomb grids that attach directly to specific flash models. Estimated Street Price: Begins at $34.

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