Outfit Your Flash

Honl Speed Snoot/Reflector

Honl Photo’s Speed Snoot/Reflector is a similar model offering a short and long version that transforms from snoot to reflector with a gray interior for soft falloff of light. It’s also available in gold-silver. Estimated Street Price: $29.

Interfit Strobies Boom Arm

Reflectors, bounces and umbrellas dilute the high-contrast output of a flash for a more natural, diffuse quality to the light that will make a flash less obvious. They’re also available in a variety of materials for shaping the quality of light—white for diffuse, softer light, gold for more warmth and silver for a bright pop. Historically, umbrellas were too unwieldy to use on a camera flash, but now that flashes are finding use as full-blown studio strobes, a variety of solutions are available for mounting flashes to umbrellas and other reflectors, like the Interfit Strobies Boom Arm. Estimated Street Price: $24.

Califorina Sunbounce Flash Bracket

California Sunbounce Micro-Mini

The California Sunbounce Flash Bracket lets you anchor a flash on a stand to combine with the company’s Micro-Mini and Mini+Pro Sunbounce reflectors for bouncing and spreading the light into a scene when using your flash off-camera. One end clamps to the frame of the Sunbounce reflector and extends from 12 to 24 inches from the screen. When used with the Micro-Mini, the system is compact enough to hold with one hand. Estimated Street Price: $145.

Softboxes are large lightboxes that are traditionally affixed to the lamp head of a strobe. The large front panel is made of translucent white material for a diffuse, dreamlike appeal thanks to the spread-out, homogenous light that’s produced.

Lastolite EzyBox Speed-Lite

Lastolite’s EzyBox Speed-Lite is an 8.6×8.6-inch softbox that attaches to a flash through touch-fastener belts. It folds flat for storage, and it can be attached to a flash whether on-camera or off. The EzyBox is also available in a new kit that includes the softbox, a foam handle for holding the EzyBox and flash off-camera and a one-meter Canon or Nikon sync cord. Estimated Street Price: $76 (EzyBox Speed-Lite).

Lumiquest Softbox

LumiQuest offers a range of on-flash softboxes, culminating in SoftBox LTp, a huge softbox for flashes that has a surface area with roughly 40 times the area of the flash. That produces very soft shadows, though it’s designed for off-camera use only. For on-camera flashes, the SoftBox III is about half the size with an approximate light loss of only 11?4 stops. List Price: $55 (SoftBox LTp); $46 (SoftBox III).

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