LED Continuous Lights

The Lowel Blender will adjust white balance to room temperature through the use of a pair of six-LED arrays. Two dials allow you to adjust color temperature in a range of approximately 2800K to 6000K by combining the daylight (5000K) and tungsten (3000K) LEDs. At a bit above a pound, the unit is lightweight enough to handhold or to mount to a standard 5?8-inch stand, though it doesn’t include a hot-shoe mount for attaching directly to a camera. There’s an included AC adapter or optional battery sleds for powering from common Canon, Panasonic and Sony camcorder batteries. The Lowel Blender provides 56W of output, and it includes diffusion gels, as well. Estimated Street Price: $499.

Manfrotto offers a complete line of on-camera daylight (5600K) LED panels, starting with two pocket-sized LED lighting kits. The affordably priced ML120 Pocket-12 LED outputs a mere 120 Lux at 3.3 feet while powering itself from a single AAA battery. The more powerful ML240 Mini-24 LED panel bumps up to twice the amount of LEDs for 200 Lux at 3.3 feet. It includes a backlight for illuminating controls and a dimmer with a full 0 to 100% range, as does the ML360 Midi-36 and the ML360HP Midi Plus-36 (both rated at 420 Lux at 3.3 feet with 36 LEDs). The Midi Plus-36 also includes a diffusion and gel set, plus hybrid lighting technology that will provide a flash burst at four times the maximum light intensity of the continuous light output. The ML840H Maxima-84 Hybrid LED panel features the flash function and gel set, with a light output of 670 Lux at 3.3 feet. Estimated Street Price: $59 (ML120); $89 (ML240); $129 (ML360); $199 (ML360HP); $299 (ML840H).

OMICRON Flash/Video Ring Light

The Omicron Flash/Video Ring Light from Quantum incorporates 80 LED lamps with a “Chromatically Correct” color cast for properly covering spectral gaps often found in white-only LED sources. A Video Mode continuous light source will last up to 90 minutes at full intensity, and you also can call on the Ring Light as a bursting flash at any time. The ring-light design reduces color-tinged shadows, and when used with the Quantum TRIO or Qflash 5dR, the Omicron is fully compatible with Canon or Nikon TTL and manual flash modes. Estimated Street Price: $865.

Rosco LitePad DL

Rosco‘s soft white LitePad DL is a unique LED light-source panel with a very slim profile of only one-third of an inch. The incredibly thin fixture is easily hidden in a scene for adding fill or highlights to a subject. It’s available in six dimensions, ranging from 3×3 inches to 12×12 inches, with outputs beginning at Lux 340 at 6 inches for the 3×3 panel to Lux 3200 at 6 inches for the largest model. Lamp life is a dependable 60,000 hours, and the similarly thin, but more powerful LitePad HO+ is available in daylight (5800K) or tungsten (3600K) in up to 24×24-inch panels. Estimated Street Price: Begins at $44.

At less than half a pound, the Seculine on-camera LED Light is available with a tungsten (3200K), daylight (5400K) or hybrid tungsten and daylight module, delivering an output of 325 Lux and 380 Lux, respectively. The built-in dimmer features 30 steps of output between 0 and 100%, and the onboard fan offers five steps of control for best controlling the noise level. The beam angle of 120° is very wide for a large spread of light. List Price: $429 (L2S3K/L2S5K Seculine Daylight/Tungsten LED units); $613 (L2S3K5K Seculine Tungsten & Daylight module).

The Flashpoint 312 LED fixture offers daylight or tungsten in an aggressively priced on-camera solution with the equivalent output of a 100-watt bulb. There’s a hot-shoe mini-ballhead mount for off-a
xis lighting maneuverability, and the two LED arrays of daylight and tungsten can be mixed through easy-to-understand dials. The fixture claims a working time of approximately five hours on two AA batteries. A diffuser is included for shadows. Estimated Street Price: $139.

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