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Get A (Wireless) Grip

Canon’s new Wireless File Transmitters for its pro-class cameras allow not only wireless image transfers, but also remote control of additional cameras. The WFT-E2 II A, WFT-E4 II A and WFT-E5A are de-signed for the EOS-1D Mark IV, EOS 5D Mark II and EOS 7D, respectively. The latest models expand creative options by making it possible to shoot remotely and to fire up to 10 cameras simultaneously. This kind of flexibility is valuable, for example, when shooting a sports event and you want to get the on-field action, as well as reaction from the crowd. All three deliver a wide range of wireless compatibility options, adding 802.11a connectivity. All feature reliable transfer options such as FTP mode for instant file transfer across a local network.

Canon WFT-E5A Wireless File Transmitter

Linked Camera Shooting

Up to 10 slave cameras can be linked in a wireless network to a master camera and triggered simultaneously. There’s a slight delay after you release the shutter before the linked cameras shoot. Setting up the connection between the slave and master cameras is relatively straightforward and quick to do from the transmitter’s menu.

Once the connection is established, you can position the cameras anywhere within clear view of the master camera up to about 328 feet. The distance may be shorter, depending on how the cameras are arranged, weather conditions and overall environment. Each linked camera must be equipped with a compatible WFT unit, and movie shooting isn’t supported.

Canon EOS 5D


FTP Transfer

An image can be transferred automatically to an FTP server after shooting, excellent for automatic backups or for relaying images to a client. You also can continue shooting while images are being transferred. Before shooting, be sure to insert a CF card or connect external media, because if you shoot without recording the images, they can’t be transferred. Images are transferred in the order they’re captured. You also can choose to transfer images individually or in batches.

Canon WFT-E4 II A Wireless File Transmitter

WFT Server

Previously called HTTP mode on older models, the WFT server allows you to capture, view and download images remotely. Up to three users can connect remotely to a camera using any standard web browser for real-time access to images. Multiple users can download files from a camera, view still images, see a remote live view of the LCD screen for composing and fire remotely through the web. This facilitates easy direction of the shoot—say, for your editor or art director—through a computer, netbook, iPod Touch or iPhone, on location or off. This is a great tool for professionals who want their clients to have instant access to what’s happening on the ground.


GPS Support

GPS devices can be connected via USB to transmit location and elevation information, as well as the EXIF data of each image. GPS units and external storage also can be connected via USB for more flexibility.

Estimated Street Price: $749 (WFT-E2 II A); $699 (WFT-E4 II A and WFT-E5A).
Contact: Canon, (800) OK-CANON,

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