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Canon EOS Rebel T2i

LIST PRICE: $799 (body only)

The new EOS Rebel T2i is to the EOS 7D as the EOS Rebel T1i is to the EOS 50D: The newest Rebel packs features from Canon’s most recent midrange EOS into a very compact and affordable body. The T2i upgrades the T1i in several areas, including pixel count, video performance, metering and shooting speed.

Like all APS-C-sensor EOS models (except the old EOS 10D), the T2i can use all EOS lenses, both EF and EF-S. That means you can shoot still images and videos with some 60 lenses, with focal lengths from 10mm to 800mm (equivalent to 16mm to 1280mm on a 35mm SLR, thanks to the APS-C sensor’s 1.6x focal-length factor). That includes 24 with built-in image stabilization, five true macro lenses and four tilt-shift optics.

The T2i incorporates the latest versions of a number of proven EOS features, including Auto Lighting Optimizer to enhance shadow detail and add contrast to “flat” scenes, and Highlight Tone Priority, which adds one stop of detail to bright highlights. The T2i also includes noise-reduction solutions for high ISO and long exposures, and Peripheral Illumination Correction to automatically correct lens vignetting.

18-MEGAPIXEL CMOS SENSOR: Featuring the highest megapixel count in the entry-level DSLR category, the T2i’s Canon CMOS sensor provides the same 18-megapixel images as the sensor in the EOS 7D (though Canon says it’s a new sensor). Combined with a single DIGIC 4 processor (the 7D has dual DIGIC 4s), the T2i’s sensor provides a low-noise ISO range of 100-6400, with expansion to ISO 12,800. RAW images are 14-bit; JPEGs are 8-bit.


NEW METERING SYSTEM: The T2i incorporates a 63-zone Dual Layer metering system first seen in the EOS 7D, which takes into account color as well as brightness distribution for more accurate exposures. There’s also partial metering (which reads the central 9% of the image area), spot (which reads the central 4%) and center-weighted averaging. Note that the AF system isn’t like the 7D’s; it’s a nine-point system with a central cross-type sensor, similar to that in the EOS Rebel T1i.

3.7 FPS SHOOTING: The T2i is the fastest Rebel DSLR, able to shoot up to 34 large/fine JPEGS or 6 RAW images at 3.7 per second—remarkable considering the huge file size and low price.

+/-5 EV EXPOSURE COMPENSATION: Adequate exposure compensation always has been a weak point of EOS DSLRs below the pro level; none until the 7D provided more than +/-2 EV. The T2i provides +/-5 stops of exposure compensation, enough to handle any exposure situation.


STANDOUT FEATURE: The SD15 incorporates the unique Foveon X3 image sensor with an improved imaging engine.

1. New LCD: You may not have noticed, but all previous EOS DSLRs had LCD monitors with a 4:3 aspect ratio, which displayed the 3:2-ratio images “letterboxed.” The T2i has a 3:2-ratio LCD that can display images full-screen. Yet the big, 3.0-inch, 1,040,000-dot monitor fits nicely on the compact T2i body.

2. Handy Mode Dial: You can set the shooting modes directly, simply by rotating the dial to the appropriate icon. You can set the shooting modes directly, simply by rotating the dial to the appropriate icon.


3. SDXC Support: The T2i is the first EOS DSLR to support new superfast high-capacity SDXC memory cards. It also can use SD and SDHC cards.

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