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Samsung NX 210

Estimated Street Price: $899 (with 18-55mm zoom)


The middle model in Samsung’s Wi-Fi NX lineup, the NX210 offers the same 20.3-megapixel image sensor, built-in Wi-Fi capabilities and shooting features as its siblings. Minimally larger than the NX1000, the NX210 features a more durable all-metal body with a similar “flat” form factor. Wi-Fi capabilities include social sharing, email, MobileLink, Remote Viewfinder, SkyDrive, Auto Backup, TV Link and Wi-Fi Direct.

As in the other Wi-Fi NX models, Smart Panel provides an intuitive interface that offers easy access to key features. Smart Auto mode analyzes scenes and adjusts shutter speed, aperture, metering, white balance and exposure compensation for optimal results. Or you can control anything/everything yourself. Lens Priority mode lets you make many settings via the focusing ring of i-Function lenses.

The NX210 shares the NX20’s bright 3-inch AMOLED monitor, but this one doesn’t tilt or rotate. As with the NX1000, there’s no eye-level EVF, nor is one available as an option. The same 221-segment metering and 15-point contrast-based AF (35 points in close-up mode) systems are shared by the three cameras.

The NX210 uses the same shutter (top speed 1?4000 sec.) and battery as the NX1000 (Samsung-rated at 330 shots in the NX210). The camera is bundled with the same 18-55mm kit zoom as the NX20, featuring Optical Image Stabilization (the NX1000’s 20-50mm kit lens doesn’t have O.I.S.).

STANDOUT FEATURE: Built-in Wi-Fi in a premium compact design.

1. NX cameras don’t have sensor-shift image stabilization, but several of the lenses, including the 18-55mm kit zoom, have O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilization).

2. The accessory shoe can hold an external flash, a GPS unit or an external stereo microphone.

3. The internal Wi-Fi antenna is on the bottom of the NX210.

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