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Panasonic LUMIX GH5 Hands-On Review

With the release of firmware update 2.1, it seems like the right time for a detailed report on the 20.3-megapixel mirrorless camera that shoots 4K video
Panasonic LUMIX GH5

I’ve been a huge fan of the Panasonic GH mirrorless camera series almost as long as I’ve been producing TCSTV. As someone who regularly jumps between stills and video capture, yet focuses on video professionally, the concept of a capable stills camera that is optimized for high-end video production has always appealed me. I’ve used the GH3 and GH4 to shoot TCSTV when I needed a small, weather-sealed body with great battery life, but limited their use to well-lit situations. For years, our main cameras have been larger cinema cameras (Panasonic AF100, Sony FS700, FS5 & FS7), but that changed with the arrival of the GH5.

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Hands-On With The Panasonic LUMIX GH5

I’ve been shooting with the GH5 as my primary camera for six months now, and it’s extremely rare that I miss shooting with a dedicated video camera. With the release of the new 2.0 (now 2.1) firmware, it seemed like the right time for a detailed review of the GH5. Nearing on a hundred hours of footage, I had a pretty solid idea of my impressions of the GH5, but producing this review required a huge amount of testing to confirm that my ‘professional impressions’ were legitimate, and not a personal bias based on how much I just loved shooting with the camera.


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Despite the excessive run time of this review (our longest ever!), there are still several subjects I didn’t touch on including the HDR display friendly ‘HLG’ profile, high-resolution ‘open gate’ 4X3 recording, timecode interface and full size HDMI port. I think this speaks less to how comprehensive this review is, and more to just how much useful stuff Panasonic crammed into this camera, even if a huge number of features will go unused by the majority of shooters.

This episode was shot by my good friend and talented director Levi Holwell. It speaks volumes that he was able to shoot such a nice looking episode when using a GH5 for the first time. It’s also impressive that he shot the V-Log L profile, yet thanks to the in-camera LUT monitor, the footage was perfectly exposed for grading.

I think the GH5 is a revolutionary camera, one that can handle a huge number of production scenarios with a small, relatively inexpensive package. While the video is autofocus still needs some work, and low light is still not comparable to the best mirrorless cameras from Sony, I stand by my statement that the GH5 is the most well rounded video camera for under $10 000, while costing only a quarter of that.


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