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Fujifilm X-Pro1

Estimated Street Price: $1,699 (body only)


Fujifilm made a real splash in 2011 with the X100, a little gem with a great design, a unique hybrid viewfinder, a big APS-C image sensor and a built-in wide-angle lens. A year later, Fujifilm introduced the X-Pro1, a similar camera, but one that takes interchangeable lenses. Inside is a new 16.3-megapixel APS-C Fujifilm X-Trans image sensor, which features a unique RGB filter array that differs from conventional Bayer arrays by using a more random arrangement that positions red, green and blue pixels in every horizontal and vertical row. This minimizes moiré and false colors, allowing Fujifilm to do away with the sharpness-robbing optical low-pass filter required by Bayer-sensor cameras.

Like the X100, the X-Pro1 features a Hybrid Multi Viewfinder that lets you easily switch the eye-level finder between optical and electronic, as desired. Optical mode minimizes shutter lag and provides brighter viewing, while electronic mode provides a live-view image. Both display lots of information, including a virtual horizon, distance data and histogram. You also can use the crisp 3-inch LCD monitor for composing images.

A new Fujifilm X Mount provides for a wider opening and deeper mounting of the X-Pro1 lenses, minimizing the flange-back distance (the distance between lens mount and image plane) and sending light more directly to the pixels. Currently, three XF lenses are available for the X-Pro1: 18mm F2 R wide-angle, 35mm F1.4 normal and 60mm F2.4 R macro.

STANDOUT FEATURE: The beautiful, rugged and functional body of the X100, with interchangeable-lens capability.

1. Aperture rings can be set in precise 1?3-step increments.

2. Dials atop the camera provide direct setting of shutter speeds and exposure compensation, and resist inadvertent turning.

3. There’s no built-in flash, but a slick dedicated unit is available.

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