Rapid Fire

Capturing photos at five frames per second is pretty fast. Pro SLR models can do about twice that at the top end. Then Casio released the EX-F1, with burst speeds up to 60 fps, and followed up with the higher-resolution EX-FH20, with a burst rate of up to 40 fps, making even professional SLRs seem kind of slow. But there’s a lot more to these zoom-lens cameras than mere speed.


The EX-F1 features a 12x optical zoom that ranges from a wide angle of 36mm to a telephoto at 432mm, and an effective CMOS shift stabilization for blur-free images at longer focal lengths.

Similar to a traditional D-SLR, the EX-F1 uses a Function Ring to zoom in and out of focus. While rotating the Function Ring, shutter speeds can be changed simultaneously, making the overall manual operation easy to use.


A unique function of the EX-F1 is what’s called Prerecord CS (Continuous Shutter), which allows you to capture high-speed images or video before actually pushing the shutter button all the way down. Much like focusing by pressing the shutter halfway, the camera will save up to 60 prerecorded images in the camera’s memory, or five seconds of video, so you won’t miss anything.


A high-resolution, 2.8-inch widescreen.


With 6 megapixels of effective resolution, the Casio EX-F1 is the fastest digital still camera in the world, offering a high-speed burst speed of up to 60 fps and Full HD movie capture with a 1920×1080 resolution. This new convergence of video and still camera enables the photographer to capture images at a faster rate than has ever been seen in a camera before.


The Continuous Shutter Dial, a mode dial next to the camera’s high-speed flash, allows for easy switching between shutter modes, including 60 fps Ultra High-Speed Continuous Shutter, Prerecord Continuous Shutter (Movie), Slow Live, Flash Continuous Shutter or Auto Bracketing.


With the EX-F1’s high-speed flash, you can shoot up to 20 consecutive images at a maximum speed of 7 fps, or use the built-in LED light that can be used as a light source for 10 to 60 fps shooting.


To quickly maneuver between still and video, the EX-F1 has a dedicated movie control that lets you choose between STD (Standard 640×480), HD (High-Def 1920×1080 at 60 fps or 1280×720 at 30 fps) and Hi-Speed Movies (512×384 at 300 fps; you can change fps from 30 to 300 in this mode, 432×192 at 600 fps, and 336×96 at 1,200 fps).

Two handy buttons let you switch immediately between recording or playback, so you won’t fumble with control dials as the action passes by.

Image Sensor: 6-megapixel CMOS
Resolution: 2816×2112 RAW, 2816×1872 (3:2)
Sensor Size: 1/1.8-inch high-speed CMOS
AF System: Contrast Detection Auto Focus; Spot, Free or Tracking
Shutter Speeds: 60-1/40000 sec.
ISO Settings: 100-1600
Continuous Firing Mode: 60 fps
Recording Format: JPEG, RAW (DNG)
Metering: Multi-pattern, center-weighted, spot by imaging element
Storage Media: SD/SDHC/MMC
Dimensions: 5.03×3.13×5.12 inches
Weight: 23.67 ounces
Estimated Street Price: $999
Contact: Casio, (800) 836-8580, www.casio.com

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