Mirrorless Cameras

By taking something out, camera manufacturers added a lot more back in
The lightweight and compact design of mirrorless cameras makes them more convenient to carry—and that increases your chances of bringing home a winning photo. Arguably, one of the most exciting advancements in digital camera technology over the past five or so years has been the increased proliferation of mirrorless cameras with interchangeable-lens... Read more

Essential Cameras: The DSLR

Great cameras abound, but the DSLR still represents the embodiment of versatile, capable, professional cameras
The DSLR has evolved over decades, and today’s digital SLR cameras benefit from those generations of product evolutions. When you have to capture the lightning-fast action, with precise focus and reliable performance, the DSLR can be counted on to get the shot. There has been a lot of attention lately on an unusual corner of the camera universe.... Read more

The Best Camera Is The One That Fits In A Pocket, But It’s Not Your Phone

Compact cameras might be becoming obsolete, but they have an important role for the enthusiast and pro
Now is an especially interesting time in the compact camera space. How can manufacturers win the hearts and minds of photographers when the capabilities of smartphone cameras keep getting better? Photos taken by smartphones are landing on the covers of major magazines and are being blown up to fit massive billboards around the world. Cinematographers... Read more

Get In On The Action

Today’s go-anywhere action cameras can capture amazing footage, no matter the conditions
Action cameras, the ubiquitous go-anywhere, attach-to-anything, record-everything video cameras, didn’t originally try to claim image resolution or fidelity as a key selling point. When GoPro, the company that really launched this market segment and then became the de facto leader in the field, created its first cameras, survivability was the key... Read more

Sony RX100 VI First Sample Images And Thoughts

Sony unveiled the latest member of the RX-family of cameras, the RX100 VI at a private media event, which provided me the opportunity to test this “premium” compact camera in a variety of settings. After spending the day with the RX100 VI (and having owned or shot with every model of the RX100 line) I Read more…

Sony unveiled the latest member of the RX-family of cameras, the RX100 VI at a private media event, which provided me the opportunity to test this “premium” compact camera in a variety of settings. After spending the day with the RX100 VI (and having owned or shot with every model of the RX100 line) I have some preliminary thoughts and first... Read more

Sony a7 III Hands-On Review

Sony's Basic Model is anything but
One of the quirky things about language is the way in which a turn of phrase conveys something in one culture yet has a slightly different nuance in another, leaving some things, as they say, lost in translation. When Sony announced its new a7 III at its global launch event in February and proudly proclaimed it to be its “basic model,” the camera... Read more

Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II: Making A Connection

Whether you photograph weddings or newborns, you need a camera system that can capture all the detail without missing a moment
© Tracie Maglosky. OM-D E-M1 Mark II, M.Zuiko 25mm F1.2 PRO, 1/80 sec., ƒ/1.2, ISO 200 For wedding, maternity, newborn and studio photographer Tracie Maglosky, an Olympus Visionary, being able to capture every detail is vital, and so is being able to get the shot the first time, which is possible thanks to the quality of Olympus lenses, the lightning-fast... Read more

Which Is Better? The Panasonic GH5 or Panasonic G9 PhotoJoseph Hands On Test

Which is the better Micro Four Thirds camera… the video-centric Panasonic LUMIX GH5 or the photo-centric LUMIX G9?
Two Camera Directions The LUMIX GH5 is Panasonic’s flagship camera, which now sits along side the G9 and the GH5S. Last week I compared to the GH5S, and now it’s time to compare the more video-centric GH5 to the more photo-centric G9. Which is the better camera? Actually the real question is… which is the better camera for you? Both are exciting... Read more

Cameralabs Reviews Canon G1X Mark III Video Quality

Canon G1X Video Hands-On
The Canon G1X Mark III is a compact, affordable APS-C travel camera, and a great all-around in-your-pocket compact camera. While the G1X Mark III is limited to 1080p, the quality of the video is quite good, as shown on this video, featuring footage from Hawaii, Brighton, and beyond. For a full review of the Canon G1X Mark III, see the comprehensive... Read more

The Camera Store TV’s Best & Worst Gear Of 2017

Informative (and entertaining) reviews of photo and video gear from the last year
The annual Best & Worst show has become a TCSTV tradition, and is always among our most popular shows. 2017 was a fascinating, often confusing year for the photo and video industries, so Chris Niccolls and I debated our list (especially best stills camera of the year) constantly, leading up to the shoot. We decided there was no way for us to cover... Read more

Hands-On Review: Sony a7R III—Promise Delivered

With the Sony a7R III, the promise of a mirrorless camera that outperforms DSLRs in every key area has arrived  
Sony a7R III, professional cameras
The Sony a7R III operates as fast as top-end pro DSLRs of just a few years ago. By the time the original full-frame Sony a7 arrived in 2013, the mirrorless revolution was well underway, and mirrorless cameras were already starting to really show the potential of the technology. While mirrorless cameras were rapidly improving, they weren’t used by... Read more

Sony a7R III Hands-On Field Test In Sedona, Arizona

For creatives who require top-notch photo quality and high-end video capability in the same body, this is the best option out there
Sony a7R III, professional cameras
When it was first released, I was so impressed by the photo and video quality of the Sony a7R II that I was willing to look past an enormous list of inconveniences in order to shoot with it. Battery life was terrible, the single card slot was slow, the menu, impenetrable, and the controls were imprecise. Despite that, the a7R II was a clear sign to... Read more