Sony SLT-A37

1. The A37 features the same 1,440K-dot Tru-Finder eye-level electronic viewfinder as the A57. 2. The 2.7-inch LCD monitor is smaller than the A57’s, and tilts, but doesn’t rotate. 3. Connections include an HDMI output for viewing images and video on TV, and an input for a stereo microphone—a great feature for an entry-level model.

Sony SLT-A37

Estimated Street Price: $599 (with 18-55mm zoom)


The A57’s "little sibling," the SLT-A37 is smaller and lighter, but features the same 16.1-megapixel image sensor and offers many of the same features, including Sony’s Translucent Mirror
Technology, which provides full-time continuous phase-detection AF for stills and movies. The A37 is a bit slower than the A57, but sill quite fast for an entry-level model: 5.5 fps at full resolution, 7 fps in Tele-zoom Continuous Advance Priority mode (8-megapixel images, 1.4x crop factor), all with full-time continuous phase-detection AF.

Video features are similar to those of the A57, but the 1080 AVCHD video is 60i or 24p, not 60p. A built-in microphone provides stereo sound, and there’s a jack for an external mic, rare at this price.

Auto Portrait Framing mode helps newcomers by optimally cropping and saving an additional frame (along with the original image). Clear Image Zoom provides 1.4X and 2X digital zoom with minimal loss of image quality. 2D and 3D Sweep Panorama makes it simple to do in-camera stitched panoramas. Anti-Motion Blur does what it sounds like. Adjustable Auto HDR expands detail in shadows and highlights.

Like all Sony DSLR and SLT cameras, the A37 features Sony’s SteadyShot INSIDE sensor-shift image stabilization, which works with all lenses. Sony offers A-mount lenses from an 11-18mm wide zoom to a 600mm supertelephoto. The camera also can use old Konica Minolta Maxxum lenses.

STANDOUT FEATURE: The benefits of Sony’s Translucent Mirror Technology in a very small affordable package.

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