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Thanks to advances in D-SLR technology, including this year’s addition of video capabilities, bag manufacturers have taken an introspective look at their lines and have come up with a wide range of interesting new designs. They also have further refined many of their classic models, plus evolutions in fabrics and materials have produced tougher, longer-lasting bags. We’ve chosen a selection of new bags that represent the many options available.

Adorama Slinger Black

The Adorama Slinger is a cost-effective solution for basic portability of the essentials. With enough room for a single D-SLR with lens attached, it can be worn as a backpack for comfort or as a single-strap shoulder bag for easy access to gear. The main compartment measures 10x10x4 inches, and if you need more room, a Pro Slinger model is available with an extra 21?2 inches of width (61?2 inches) for accommodating larger D-SLRs, even with a battery grip attached. A variety of add-ons are available to attach to the Slinger, including the Slinger Small Digital Camera Pouch for carrying compact cameras. List Price: Starts at $44 (Adorama Slinger); $69 (Pro Slinger); $9 (Slinger Small Digital Camera Pouch).

Billingham G4 Computer Slip

Billingham 445 Bag

Computers are now indispensable to a photographer’s toolset. The G4 Computer Slip from Billingham can be used on its own as a padded carrying case for laptops, and the sleeve also has been designed to fit snugly into the front pocket of Billingham’s popular traditional camera-system bags, the 445 and 555. Twin density closed-cell foam protects your investment, plus a Screen Saver cushion provides extra protection for the display screen. The internal dimensions house up to a 15-inch laptop. Estimated Street Price: $69 (G4); $415 (445); $439 (555).

Crumpler 8 Million Dollar Home

Crumpler brings fun and fashion to camera bag design. For a full D-SLR with a large 70-200mm lens attached, the 8 Million Dollar Home also provides plenty of room along the sides for big zooms and flashes. A configurable divider allows you to bring along a 13-inch laptop, and the bag is deep enough for fitting most prosumer video cameras, too. The large outer flap keeps items stowed securely, thanks to tight clasps and a Velcro® patch. As an added bonus, when silence is key or just preferred, the Velcro® Silencer will keep opening and shutting of your bag quiet to avoid disturbing your subjects. The bag is available in a variety of stylish color combinations, including black/gunmetal, brown/orange, royal blue/orange and more. Estimated Street Price: $170.

Domke F-3X Super Compact Bag

Ideal for carrying a pro D-SLR with two to three lenses, a flash and accessories, the 15x7x9-inch F-3X Super Compact Bag from Domke is designed for efficiency and comfort. The F-3X also has been given the new Domke RuggedWear treatment for a stylish exterior that appears distressed, but is made from tough, durable cotton canvas that has been specially treated for resistance to inclement weather. The padded partition wall is removable, there are nine compartments and pockets included for organizing lenses, flashes and extras, and the “upside-down” zipper pouch inside keeps items from falling out. List Price: $169 (F-3X); $189 (F-3X with RuggedWear exterior).

This Article Features Photo Zoom

Kata Digital Torso Pack DT-213

Kata Digital Torso Pack DT-211

The Kata Digital Torso Pack DT-211 and DT-213 are worn snugly secured to the waist, allowing photographers to quickly swing the bag around for easy access
to gear safely stowed within. For long treks, a second balancing strap converts the bag to a triangle-style backpack. The models feature TST RIB structural protection, and there’s enough room for a D-SLR with a medium-sized lens attached in the DT-211, and a D-SLR with battery grip and up to a 70-200mm lens in the DT-213. There are also dividers for storing and protecting extra lenses, a flash and more. Estimated Street Price: $60 (DT-211); $65 (DT-213).

Lowepro Versapack 200 AW

The Versapack 200 AW from Lowepro converts from single- to dual-compartment configuration for expanding the bag to fit your travel needs. When used as a dual-compartment bag, the Versapack can be loaded from the top as a backpack or from the side as a shoulder bag, with enough room for a D-SLR with attached lens and two to three extra lenses and accessories. A single D-SLR can be positioned for immediate access through the side zipper, and if you need more room for more gear, the padded dividers can be removed and stowed flat for using the bag as a single compartment with expanded capacity. List Price: $129.

Borealis AT

For long treks and hikes, backpacks are your best bet for comfort. The Mountainsmith Borealis AT is packed with protection and pockets for gear. The bottom of the bag features a clamshell design that’s organized with padded dividers for easy access to your camera, lenses and flash. The main upper pocket includes organization panels for smaller items, and the panel floor in between the upper and lower compartment is hinged if you need to fit large 70-300mm lenses. The side-access padded laptop compartment fits up to a 16-inch personal computer, and a rapid-access tripod mount is included on the exterior. A removable storm cover keeps the bag and the gear inside safe and dry in case you’re caught in inclement weather. List Price: $179.

M-ROCK McKinley 526 Roller Backpack

Including a telescoping handle and wheels and dimensions sized for carry-on compatibility, the McKinley 526 roller backpack from M-ROCK is the bag of choice for photographers on the go. The internal capacity of 17x12x6.25 inches is spacious enough for a pro-sized D-SLR body with additional lenses all the way up to large telephotos. The two-compartment system also can be reconfigured for fitting up to two D-SLRs. The rear section fits up to 15.4-inch laptops, or it can be used with M-ROCK’s optional Great Lakes #550 insulated water bladder with tube and mouthpiece (approximately 1.3 liters) for carrying a portable potable on extended hikes. Other features include an included weather jacket/lens changing bag, an extra accessory bag, lens cloth, wire port for MP3 player headphones and compatibility with the M-ROCK modular system. List Price: $216 (McKinley 526); $38 (Great Lakes #550).

Pelican 0500 Transport Case

You can’t be too careful while traveling with expensive gear. The Pelican 0500 Transport Case is as tough as it gets on the outside with military-grade durability. On the inside, it’s nice and cushy with optional foam that can be cut to fit the exact dimensions of your cameras, lenses and accoutrements, plus the large internal dimensions of 34.95×18.45×25.25 inches provide enough room for multiple systems. The case is watertight, and Dual Pressure Equalization valves are included for avoiding pressure and condensation issues when flying. List Price: $899.

This Article Features Photo Zoom

Tamrac Ultra Pro 11

For pros and photographers with a lot of accessories and big zooms, shoulder bags offer easy access, deep capacity and plenty of storage options for best keeping all of your gear organized snugly. The Ultra Pro Series of shoulder bags from Tamrac is available in four sizes. The Ultra Pro 7 base model is slimly designed for accommodation of a pro body, flash and the three most used lens sizes—a wide-angle, standard zoom and tele-zoom. The Ultra Pro 11, Ultra Pro 13 and Ultra Pro 17 can carry up to two D-SLRs with lens attached, a wide selection of lenses and up to a 15-inch laptop. A foam-padded front pocket has a plastic-reinforced bottom for carrying laptops, and the main compartment uses a Double Lens-Bridge Divider system that allows both cameras to sit cradled comfortably, thanks to an adjustable platform. The removable rain cover permits access to gear, and Tamrac’s M.A.S. modular system allows the bag to be used with optional add-ons for extras like water bottles and lenses. Estimated Street Price: $129 (Ultra Pro 7); $159 (Ultra Pro 11); $175 (Ultra Pro 13); $199 (Ultra Pro 17).

Tenba Black Label

With three photo satchels and two shoulder bags, the Black Label line of camera bags from Tenba offers top-of-the-line quality at the right size for your system. The smallest bag in the line offers room for a compact D-SLR with up to three lenses, while the Large Shoulder Bag offers enough capacity for a pro camera with a 70-200mm attached and four to six lenses. Considerable work has gone into the design of the series, with an exterior constructed of tough ballistic nylon and lamination with open-cell foam for protection from water, stains and tears. Each bag in the series also features customizable padded dividers, Duraflex clips, seatbelt-style webbing, reinforced stress points, steel triangle D-rings and hand-tailored double-needle front pleats and contoured seams. The trim and handle are made from perforated upholstery leather, and color-coded memory card slots are included for remembering which cards are fresh and which are used. List Price: Starts at $131.

Think Tank Wired Up 10

Think Tank’s Multimedia Wired Up Collection offers photographers using video-capable D-SLRs new ways to organize photo, video and audioWired Up 10 fits a D-SLR with a 24-70mm lens attached; the Wired Up 20 includes enough room for a D-SLR and detached 70-200mm lens. Both models include an audio recorder front pocket and side pocket for microphones, and the belt packs feature a forward-facing Mic Hands assistant for hands-free recording of audio. Other bags in the modular system include the Mic Drop In for holding up to a 16-inch shotgun mic, the Recorder case for audio recorders, the Big Audio case for larger audio recorders and the Wireless Mic Kit case for carrying multiple wireless sets. List Price: $139 (Wired Up 10); $169 (Wired Up 20).

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