External Storage

Protect your photo and video libraries from the unexpected

External storage is a critical component of any digital darkroom for a number of reasons. Regularly backing up your images to an external drive helps protect your files from disappearing during a computer failure. In fact, it’s a good idea to have at least two backups, preferably three: one at home/in the studio, one offsite and one in the cloud.... Read more

Bags And Cases

From small bags for from-the-hip shooting to larger packs and cases for more longer treks, solutions to carry and protect your gear

One hundred years from now, photographers may be taking pictures with objects we’d scarcely recognize, but they’ll likely be making the same decisions about the gadget bag or pack they carry it in. Shoulder bag, sling or backpack? Natural materials or synthetic? And how many bags do you have to own before it’s too many? We’re... Read more


The latest optics for DSLR and mirrorless systems

If you’ve been happy with the kit lens that came with your DSLR, great, but you’re in for a surprise when you step up to something better. Kit lenses are vanilla—and very useful, all things considered—but there’s a whole world of options out there. If you’re serious about your images, it’s time to take a closer look... Read more


The Latest High-End Models

CANON EOS 5DS AND EOS 5DS R Estimated Street Price: $3,699 (5DS); $3,899 (5DS R) Canon has returned to the top of the DSLR megapixel mountain with a pair of 50.6-megapixel, full-frame EOS 5D models. The EOS 5DS and 5DS R are identical except the R model’s low-pass fi lter effect has been cancelled to further increase sharpness (at the risk... Read more

Entry-Level DSLRs

The latest DSLRs for enthusiast photographers

CANON EOS REBEL T6s Estimated Street Price: $849.99 (body only); $1,199 (with 18-135mm STM kit zoom) The Quick Control Dial surrounding the four-way controller on the back of the camera is common on higher-end EOS models, but another first for a Rebel. Canon’s new entry-level EOS Rebel model, the T6s incorporates some Rebel “firsts.”... Read more


The latest compact mirrorless models

CANON EOS M3 Estimated Street Price: $579.99 (body only); $749.99 (with18-55mm EF-M kit zoom) Canon’s newest mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera, the EOS M3 has been available for a while outside the U.S., but now it’s available here. Like the original EOS M, it’s a very compact, “flat”-style design that uses EF-M... Read more

Advanced DSLRs

The latest models over $1,000

CANON EOS 7D MARK II Estimated Street Price: $1,799 Canon’s long-awaited successor to 2009’s EOS 7D popular flagship APS-C DSLR is a terrific action tool, able to shoot up to 31 RAW or 1090 Large Fine full-res JPEGs at 10 fps with autofocusing, courtesy of a new 65-point (all cross-type with some lenses) AF system. The center AF point... Read more