From complete suites to specialized APPs, working in the digital darkroom is more productive than ever

While some photographers prefer to do most of their processing in a single application, others opt for choosing a specific app to do a specific job. No matter which method suits your workflow best, here’s an overview of software tools to help you get organized and be more creative. ADOBE Lightroom CC, available in Adobe’s Creative Cloud subscription... Read more


Product Resources

Resources 3D Robotics 3 Legged Thing Acratech Adobe Alien Skin Software Arca-Swiss Athentech Benro... Read more

The Big Print

For the fine art of printmaking, a selection of professional photo printers

Despite the tendency to view images digitally, there’s nothing quite like the look and feel of a print. The quality and longevity of prints has reached a point where we can output stunning images on an almost limitless assortment of substrates. Traditional darkroom prints are emulated with Baryta papers while fine-art, glossy, metallic and other media... Read more

Photo Accessories

Recommended extras for getting the shot

You’ve organized your gear—packed cameras, lenses and tripod—and planned your photo adventure. Here are a few items to consider that might make returning with the images you want a much easier proposition, and help you display them once you’re home. miggo Grip&Wrap CSC (Mirrorless) The miggo Grip&Wrap DSLR and Grip&Wrap CSC (Mirrorless)... Read more

Camera Supports

A range of reliable tripods, monopods and more for your sharpest photos yet

Whether you’re a beginner, an enthusiast or a pro, camera supports are essential for eliminating camera shake, shooting scenes in available light without a flash and capturing seamless panoramas. Without solid, stable support, long exposures such as fireworks or night sky photos are impossible to shoot without blur. A dependable tripod makes close-up... Read more

Affordable Monolight Strobes

Pros may be okay spending a fortune for their strobes, but many of us prefer more affordable monolights

For many photographers, stepping up from on-camera flash to the world of powerful studio-style strobes can be daunting. But it doesn’t need to be, especially once you’re introduced to the world of affordable monolight options. These self-contained strobes have all of their controls contained right in the head. Unlike a pack-and-head strobe system,... Read more

Flash Accessories And Modifiers

With the right equipment and a little know-how, on-camera lighting can be beautiful

On-camera lighting is nothing new, but making light from flash systems beautiful—by modifying it and getting it off the camera—kind of is. It’s easier than ever to create better, more flattering images with a speedlight flash with these accessories and modifiers. Ask 100 photographers how they most like to modify their flashes, and 99 will answer... Read more


Unmanned aerial vehicles have become more popular and easier to use, allowing you to capture scenes in fresh and exciting ways

Aerial photography and cinematography have never been easier, thanks to the development of user-friendly, but sophisticated unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). More commonly referred to as drones, these devices range from tiny consumer models to those used by professionals. While some come equipped with integrated cameras, other UAVs—like those featured... Read more

Action Cameras

The best tool to capture still and video when you can’t keep your hands on a camera

Action cameras are everywhere—on surfboards, skateboards, bicycle handlebars and even on helmets for first-person, point-of-view video. In some ways, the mounts available for these small devices are almost as important as camera specifications. While an action camera now seems to be a necessity for those who practice extreme sports, you don’t have... Read more

Pro Compacts

Small cameras with big sensors put superior image quality in your pocket

CANON POWERSHOT G3 X Estimated Street Price: $999.99 Canon’s top compact camera, the PowerShot G3 X is the most rugged of the flagship G-series, with dust and weather sealing about equal to that of the EOS 70D DSLR. It has a built-in 24-600mm (equivalent) ƒ/2.8-5.6 zoom, which can cover a very wide range of shooting needs. Built-in intelligent... Read more