Zeiss Glass Finder

Are you a die-hard Carl Zeiss lens lover, or maybe you’re someone who’s interested in finding out what the Zeiss buzz is all about? In the old days that probably meant you shot with a Leica, Contax or Hasselblad film camera, but these days photographers have lots of great Zeiss options for Canons and Nikons and many more digital cameras as well. The point is, practically any camera user can work with Zeiss glass. So what if you want to know how a certain Zeiss lens performs, or what other photographers are doing with particular glass, or just what the differences are between two focal lengths when used on a similar scene? Thankfully you’re living in the future, because now you can head over to ZeissImages.com and browse the sites photographs by a particular lens model. Perhaps you’re considering the purchase of a Zeiss Distagon 35mm f/1.4. Click on the lens and see how it performs in real life pictures uploaded by other Zeiss shooters. It’s a great resource, and an example of photographers with a passion for Zeiss lenses helping each other—as well as other photographers who are considering the purchase of a Zeiss lens. It’s homespun resources like this that represent so much of what’s great about being a photographer in the Internet era.


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