X-Rays As Art

Ever seen X-ray art? Sure you have. The images tend to be pretty neat no matter whether the subject is a human or a flower or a briefcase. Photographer Nick Veasey has taken the X-ray as art one step further—and several steps larger in scale—by photographing the unseen insides of subjects as large as automobiles and planes. He disassembles most big items to fit inside his own 14×17 inch X-ray machine, and he even scanned chunks of fuselage from a Boeing 777 to build an accurate full-size representation on X-ray film, but it’s his current project that really took it up a notch, photographing classic cars via X-ray. He tracked down a large scale machine in Germany that can accommodate a car in a single shot, and the resulting images are amazing. Read more at Wired’s Raw File blog, then check out the photographer’s online portfolio for even more of his fascinating X-ray images.


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