Workshop Season Has Sprung

It’s that time of year again, when spring starts to feel like it’s ready to be right around the corner. You know it’s February when you start receiving notifications of all the great photographic workshops coming up in the spring and summer months. One of the most unique workshop opportunities comes from the fine folks at The Photographers’ Formulary, purveyors of fine darkroom chemistry utilized most heavily by photographers interested in alternative non-silver photographic processes. These workshops include topics such as the Experimental B&W darkroom, photo transfers, Wet Plate Collodions, and many more unique darkroom techniques that—were it not for the fine folks at The Photographers’ Formulary and their ilk—would be all too close to disappearing. Better still, the workshops in Montana include a stay at the Standing Stones Inn Bed and Breakfast—a perfect place to spend time in the darkroom, or the ideal jumping off point for countless outdoor activities. If I were planning to attend a summer workshop, this place would surely top my list. See their offerings at .

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