Work Smarter, Not Harder, With Social Media

How many times have you begun a sentence with, “I wish I had X”? I know that I’m guilty of overusing that phrase. I wish I had that lens. I wish I could spend a year traveling and taking photos. But of everything I’ve ever wished for, the one that I’d happily give up most anything for is time. Time is possibly the most precious resource we have, right? We can’t grow more of it. “Found time” is a wishful phrase. You can’t give me any extra time, nor can I return the favor. All we can do is implement plans and practices to make the best use of our time. This is especially true with social media, possibly the largest time sink in modern history.

One thing I do regularly is share my photos on social media. Whether it’s Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, I want to do what I can to consistently share the work that I’ve created over the years. For a long time, that meant waking up each morning to select a photo, type out a catchy description and click the Share button. First, I’d take care of my Instagram post. Then, I’d move onto Twitter. Finally, I’d publish my Facebook post.

Doing this day after day began to take its toll, especially related to the amount of time I was spending. These posts started taking up anywhere from one to two hours each day and it quickly became clear that it wouldn’t be sustainable. That’s when I learned about Buffer and the ability to pre-build all of my posts for the week and schedule them to go out on specific days and times. This practice has become an integral part of my strategy, and while I recommend you do research on which service is right for you (because there are several), I hope you see how much time it can save you.

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