With Child

It’s that time of year when I start to think about holiday gifts. I love to give books, and I especially love photo books. So over the coming weeks I’ll point out some of my favorite new books to put on your list this year. The first comes from a photographer who I’ve had the good fortune of interviewing a few times. It’s Howard Schatz, and I’m consistently struck by not only the quality of his work, but the huge quantity and variety. He regularly publishes books as his preferred creative outlet: one may focus on athletes in action, while the next concentrates on underwater portraiture, followed by a collection of abstract body art. That’s just how Mr. Schatz expresses himself: he has an idea and he goes for it. His most recent book is the product of another great idea and more than 20 years of work photographing pregnant women as a celebration of their bodies and their babies. "With Child" is Schatz’s 18th book and will be released this month. It’s the perfect gift for new moms and grandmothers, for those who may be expecting and for those who simply appreciate fine black & white photography of the human form.


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