Wired's August Issue

Wired’s August issue is old news, having been on newsstands now for more than a month. But I finally got caught up on my reading and found, toward the back of the book, a great story about classic photography meeting technology. It’s the story of 1848 Daguerreotype photographs that equal the resolution of a 140,000-megapixel digital capture. That counts as high resolution by anyone’s standards. The story is great, and makes you really want to see these images up close and personal. The article helps catapult the issue into must-read territory for photographers, because there’s another equally great display of photographic prowess: the images of funny man Will Ferrell photographed by master portraitist Dan Winters. For those shots, you can also head directly to Mr. Winters’ web site and then stick around to explore his photography in greater detail. All in all, Wired continually displays great photography and the August issue is a particularly fine example.


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