Winners Of The World Press Photo Contest

Last week the winners of the largest news photography contest in the world were announced. The 2013 installment of the World Press Photo Contest saw Paul Hansen, a Swedish photographer, taking home the top prize for his heartbreaking photograph of the aftermath of a bombing strike in Gaza City. That photograph has caused a little bit of backlash and discussion elsewhere in the photoblogosphere, because of its polished post-production refinement that some deem to be excessively manipulative. Wherever you may stand on the issue, I recommend the article at Michael Shaw’s Bag News blog for more discussion and links related to the controversy. Regardless, the gallery of World Press winners is amazing and well worth a visit. As with any gallery of world-class photojournalism, you must be prepared for some intense, challenging imagery, but if you can stomach the occasional graphic content, the work as a whole is sublime. View the gallery at the Baltimore Sun’s darkroom blog.

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