Winners Of The 2019 Tell Us Your Story Photo Contest

From August 13 through October 1, we received 1,772 submissions from 364 individuals who entered our 2019 Tell Us Your Story photo contest, and now, we’re thrilled to announce the winners! Although it was difficult, our panel of judges managed to narrow down the finalists to three prize-winning images. Below is the gallery of winners:

First Place: Tea Time

First Place: Tea Time

Photographer: Justin Sheely

I cherish the daddy-daughter days with my 2-year-old. Every Friday, we have the whole day to ourselves. One occasion, my daughter wanted to gather her bears in the kitchen for a tea party. But we lacked a fitting table and chair set for her friends.

Yet, we were able to get creative with a wooden stool and some baskets. I carefully propped the bears, but they toppled over several times. Finally, she decided to grab her dearest bear and held it with her tea without saying a word for a few minutes. This was when I reached for my camera.

She enjoyed a quiet moment with her friends, apparently content. It felt like a small reward after several minutes of fussing, propping and some frustration. But for my daughter the scene was perfect. For me, capturing this moment with some direct window light on her face was very gratifying.

Fujifilm X-T2, XF 23mm F1.4R, 1/200 sec., f/2.5, ISO 1250


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