Will DSLRs Ever Go Extinct?

Do you believe the DSLR will be dead in five years? According to a few recent articles that have garnered considerable attention (a few are linked below), the DSLR as we know it, at least as an object of desire by a general photographic enthusiast, is on its inevitable way out. What may be surprising, though, is Andrew Reid’s take at the EOS HD digital video blog, in which he explains why this could actually be a good thing. I hadn’t thought about it in quite this way, but he makes some good points. Namely, that the decreased sales of DSLRs in a world of smartphones capable of both HD video and photos, means that camera makers are going to start getting pretty innovative when it comes to cramming amazing features in super-compact little cameras—or phones. I don’t foresee DSLRs disappearing for professional purposes, though, and that’s also a good thing for the industry as it will help once again draw more distinction between professionals and amateurs. Ultimately, it reminds me of the distinction between large format and 35mm film. Once the smaller camera debuted, even though it was clearly subpar in terms of quality, it spread like wildfire. Well, the same thing goes for DSLRs—or so the theory goes. They’re likely to be the large format dinosaurs of the future.


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