Why You Should Shoot JPEG Instead Of RAW

I know most of you are used to hearing the advice, "Shoot RAW!" shouted over and over, but there are a few key exceptions to that generally good rule. There are actually times when you should shoot JPEG files instead of RAW. When might that be? According to a recent piece on the Digital Photography School blog, sports photographers suggest shooting JPEG files when you want to work very fast to capture fast action—as they do all the time. You should also consider JPEG files when you’re forced to conserve storage space and a RAW file would simply eat up too much of it. There are a couple of other ideal times to capture JPEG in lieu of RAW, but for that you’ll have to go check out the original article. And now you don’t have to feel bad if you too prefer to shoot JPEG—that is, as long as you’re doing it for the right reasons.


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