Why Photographers Should Not Work For Free

Whether you’re just dabbling with selling your photography, or you’re an experienced photographic professional, chances are good that you’ve probably been asked to work for free. It’s always tough to know how to respond, but it’s important to avoid working for free—at least according to this New York Times column by Tim Kreider. Ultimately, it comes down to this: We live in a world where creative output is easily devalued, so it’s important to remember that if we don’t value our own work, nobody else will either. "Money is how our culture defines value," Kreider writes, "and being told what you do is of no value to the society you live in is, frankly, demoralizing… When you live in a culture that treats your work as frivolous you can’t help but internalize some of that devaluation and think of yourself as something less than a bona fide grown-up." In short, when you work for free you end up feeling worthless. It’s a great read, courtesy of the Lines of Sight blog.


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