Why Metadata Isn’t Permanent

Why can’t you lock your metadata? That’s the question posed by David Riecks, who travels the country lecturing and teaching about the issues surrounding photographic metadata. For those who may not know, metadata comes in all sorts of forms, but essentially it is the digital image information that is associated with your files—everything like who shot it, what camera was used and what the exposure details were. One of the things metadata can do is provide origin and copyright information to future viewers of an image file, but unfortunately, many users and applications strip metadata information from image files—either nefariously or innocently. Either way, the bottom line is the same: all that precious metadata, including origin information about who created a file, is lost and gone forever. So that brings us back to the important question: exactly why can’t we lock up our photos’ metadata? For an explanation of why it’s currently not possible and what exactly would be required to deliver such a solution (a solution that would be a huge asset to photographers), read Riecks’ story at the Digital Asset Management Coalition’s blog, at http://damcoalition.com/driecks/story/why-cant-i-lock-up-my-photo-metadata

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