What Would Ansel Do?

I love bandying about the ultimate unanswerable hypothetical question: If he were alive today, would Ansel Adams have embraced digital photography? Better yet, would he have shot with a digital camera? You can make some great cases for why he would and why he wouldn’t. He would, of course, because he was no technophobe and was eager to embrace any scientific advantage he could find to make his images great. And he wouldn’t, of course, because the most serious old-school landscape photographers still shoot on large format film. It is, after all, the long established best way to create beautiful, finely detailed high-quality landscape photographs. It’s great to ponder the question from a distance, but the opportunity to get actual insight into the question from those who knew the man himself is even better. Alan Ross is a photographer and blogger who worked closely with Ansel for the last ten years of the master’s life. Alan recently wrote a blog post with his answer to this hypothetical question. His take surprised me a bit, so I won’t spoil it here. Suffice it to say Alan knows a lot more about Ansel than I do, which makes it especially fun to read his answer to the ultimately hypothetical photo question.


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