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What in the world is an arduino?

Let me make one thing clear before we get rolling here: this post is not for the faint of heart. It’s aimed at those of you who are Radio Shack junkies. If you know what an arduino is, or what to do with a piezo, or a how on earth a breadboard relates to photography, you may want to keep reading. Or if you desperately want to know what those things do and how you can put a few bucks worth of basic electronics to work for you in the form of a high-speed flash photography rig, you should also keep reading. At this point I suppose I’ve tipped my hand. What I’m talking about is building a multi-function trigger for high-speed photography—something I’m not sure that I have the patience and skill to do myself. But maybe I’m underestimating my hacker skills. Either way, if you want to do high-speed stop-action shots of balloon pops and water drops and all those great images that allow us to see what the naked eye can’t, check out this post at Not only can these devices be put to use for the actual high-speed stop-action shooting, in the right hands (which you might have after watching the embedded video) you can set the rig up to turn off the lights too. Like I said, this isn’t for everybody. But if you’re happy as a clam when you’re up to your elbows in resistors and capacitors and wiring diagrams, definitely check it out and make some cool pictures.

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