We're Taking More Pictures Than Ever

I came across this tremendous quote the other day, courtesy of the Online Photographer blog. It is simple, yet profound: "10% of all photos ever taken were shot in 2011." Yikes. That’s a whole lot of photographs. The quote came from a Fortune magazine article about data. What I think is most interesting, though, is the idea that we really are taking exponentially more pictures now than at any time in our past. What I can’t personally reconcile is if that means we value photographs now more than ever before, or if we’ve officially commoditized them? Either way, it’s scary to comprehend just how many of us are taking so many pictures every day. How many will we take in 2012? How many of them will be good? How many of them are simply a waste of time? Is photography getting worse because of this sheer voluminous output, or are we, as photographers, getting better?


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