Wedding Photographer Ups The Ante

Hey wedding photographers, this one’s for you—especially if you’re looking for a way to increase your "wow" factor. I went to a wedding recently and, as I often do, I kept my eye on the wedding photographer to glean whatever I can from his approach. It was a very interesting experience. First of all, there wasn’t a photographer—there was a team. Handling the photography and the video, these five folks (led by one clear primary photographer) had every moment covered from multiple angles on stills and video. This wedding-as-photo-shoot approach may be a little more invasive than I personally prefer, but one thing was very clear: these folks were working hard to get their shots. Turns out the team was doing a great job—which they put proudly on display with a slideshow of the day’s photographs presented during the reception! That’s right: the reception paused after dinner and before dancing in order to dim the lights and play a 15-minute slideshow of images, accompanied by music (professionally licensed music, I wonder?) and the "oohs and ahhs" of the bridal party and guests. The images were great, they provided a glimpse into the parts of the day most of us guests weren’t privy to, and it seemed to be a hit with the bride and groom. What was most noteworthy to me, though, was the photographer’s ability to turn a paying job into a portfolio showing for a crowded room of 200-some prospects. Anybody in that room considering hiring a wedding photographer was now convinced of one thing: this guy was great. And that is what I call upping the ante and taking your wedding photography to the next level. As much as anything, I’m impressed by this photographer’s ability to think outside the box and create a showcase of finished images before the day was even done. 

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