Wanna Get A Lytro?

Do you want to get your hands on your very own light field camera? You know, Lytro—the new imaging technology that captures a broad field of light rather than focusing it into a single plane. That means much the same way you can adjust exposure and color in a RAW image file, Lytro allows you to change your point of focus after the picture is already made. It’s pretty impressive, and a glimpse into what sure seems bound to eventually make its way into D-SLRs if it’s even one-tenth as good as it looks to be. But until then, it’s in a colorful little device unlike any other camera you’ve seen. You can actually get your hands on this interesting gadget at special demonstrations; the Wired store in New York City has Lytros to test, or you can register on the Lytro web site and vote to bring a demo day to a city near you.


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