Using Adobe Creative Cloud For iPad App Creation

For a while now I’ve been interested in learning how to design an app for devices like the iPad in order to showcase my work—much as one would with a traditional printed portfolio. I know there are plenty of readymade portfolio apps out there, but I believe that making an app to accomplish a similar task would be an interesting challenge, as well as something that would offer me a useful tool for my photography business. And now that I’m a member of the Adobe Creative Cloud community, it looks like I’ll get my shot at creating an app. The Adobe Digital Publishing Suite—included in the Creative Cloud membership—is designed to do just that. So if you’re also interested in publishing an app, or simply learning about digital publishing in general, start here at the ASMP Strictly Business blog to brush up on the basics, and then follow the links in the text to a variety of useful tips and tricks from a number of reliable sources. I’m particularly interested in the resources from, like the handy downloadable PDF companion with instructions on app creation. That will be my first stop on my app-making journey.

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