Use Your iPhone As A Light Meter

The other day I had a BRILLIANT idea. I mean a real stroke of genius. It occurred to me while on assignment for a client that I wished I had my trusty ol’ light meter with me. I used to carry it all the time, but these days, it’s just not the necessity it once was—what with camera LCD screens providing instant exposure feedback. But I miss the scientific certainty, the factual quantification, of the amount of light falling on a given subject. And that’s when it hit me: why not turn the iPhone into a light meter? I quickly checked the app store only to discover, alas, I was not the first to have this idea. There are apps that look old school and analog, and some that are a little more unique, performing like a spot meter that’s used to analyze the areas of a given image. Though I will say I still think there’s room for the development of an actual incident light meter—one that actually measures light falling on a scene in real time. (It would require a little translucent dome attachment for the iPhone’s camera, but hey that’s just another revenue stream, right?) Any app developers out there, hit me up. We’ll see if we can make this thing work, and get rich and famous in the process.  

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