Use Reflectors For Portraits On Cloudy Days

I’m a big believer in the power of photographic simplicity, especially when it comes to lighting technique. Some of the best portraits I’ve ever made have happened outside of the studio, in nice soft open shade or overcast light. And for those, I find that pretty much all I need is a camera with a long lens and a simple little reflector. The reflector is huge as a tool for filling in shadows that still occur, even on a soft lit day, deep in the eyes, under the nose and under the chin. The reflector is a powerful tool that’s pretty easy and affordable, so that’s why I’m keen on pointing out this article from DPS about how to wield a reflector for creating beautiful soft light portraits on cloudy days. The examples are simple and wonderful, and illustrate the power of this great technique.
Photograph by Sylvain Latouche.

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