Unpronounceable Icelandic Volcano + Stop Motion = Really Cool Video

So just when I thought I’d seen enough photography of Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull volcano, and just as I felt fairly certain nobody could wow me with stop motion video any more, somebody comes along and combines both into a really great video. Photographer Sean Stiegemeier got a wild hair and decided he needed to go to Iceland and photograph the volcano for fun. (He normally shoots musicians and celebrities commercially and even makes films, as evidenced by the work on his web site.) Stiegemeier used a Canon EOS 5D Mark II and a fancy motorized dolly to add motion to his time lapse, and the motion makes all the difference. The subtle movement of the foreground as the camera moves along the dolly really adds to the illusion of a third dimension in the video—and that makes the whole experience infinitely more interesting and dynamic. It’s all the more impressive because Stiegemeier initiated it as a personal project, and now it’s going viral so it’s bound to lead to more work too. An ideal example of following your artistic impulses and making great work; it’s good for your creative development as well as good for business.



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