Two Wonderfully Worthy Photo Sets

A couple of great photo series have crossed my desk recently, and they both made me smile—so I’m excited to share them here. The first is from James Friedman, who cut golf balls in half and photographed their cores. It’s simple, but it’s also simply fascinating! The things look like planets or modern art or geological finds. It’s a great use of our unique medium—showing what something unseen really looks like—that I think is as powerful as ever. The other series I love is called "Man Vs. Nature" by Martin Klimek, a commercial photographer based in San Francisco. He’s done a series of diptychs—two photos side by side—that compare and contrast manmade objects with natural things that look surprisingly similar. It’s an equally simple, fun and insightful exploration that demonstrates yet again how a great idea can make for a tremendous body of work. Read more and see them both at the fabulous Feature Shoot blog.

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