Turn Your Room Into A Camera Obscura

You know, I’ve always wanted to turn my bedroom into a camera obscura. After all, it’s what started this whole photography thing in the first place. The term essentially means Dark Room, and that’s what you start with to make your own life-size camera obscura. The best part is all you need is a single window (in fact, one is preferable to many because it’s easier to keep your dark room dark), some cardboard and scissors, and voila—you’ve got your very own camera obscura. As long as you don’t mind the view being upside down, it’s perfect. Shoot your own photos of the view and you can create some extremely interesting images, which is what the photographing/blogging team known as "Destruction of Cats" has accomplished here. The technique is fairly straightforward, and may even provide you with a bit of a profound understanding about what it actually takes to make a camera. It’s really just a light tight box with an opening to let in light. It’ll certainly impress your friends, and who knows, if you work hard at making photographs with your camera obscura you may find yourself on par with some talented fine art photographers like Abelardo Morell and Vera Lutter. They have taken the camera obscura to new heights. You can examine their great work via the links below. 


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