Turn Your iPhone Into A Rangefinder

I’m not convinced that it will ever be practical, much less advantageous, to use adapters and filters to turn cell phone cameras into truly "useful" cameras in the way most photographers define the term. Nevertheless, I’m still happy when people try to make cell phone cameras into something more. And I’m even happier when they do it with real panache. Frequently that means I find great new devices from my favorite fun photo site, photojojo.com. Such was the case today when I learned about the iPhone Rangefinder. Part case, part camera, your iPhone slips into the device availing you to a shutter button, tripod mount, viewfinder and even optional magnetic lenses to create your own "complete phoneography system." I don’t know how practical it is as a phone case, or really as a camera, but dang if I wouldn’t love snapping iPhone photos with my very own rangefinder. 


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