Toy Camera Controls for Your Computer

Lately I’ve been noticing all sorts of antiqued photos on the internet. Lots of my Facebook friends are uploading photos from their smartphones that look like old Polaroid instant film. Other folks run their snapshots through software to make them look old and worn and, frankly, more interesting. I’d prefer it if people simply made more interesting photographs to start with, but who am I to judge someone who uses any tools at their disposal to create a better photo. Setting the tone with digital trickery is totally fair game. To that end, if you want to make your great digital files look awful, I mean interesting, on purpose, check out the Toy Camera settings for Lightroom as published by Photocritic contributor Haje Jan Kamps. It recreates the effect of a Holga or other plastic toy camera, with funky colors, smudges, light leaks and more. If that’s not exactly what you’re looking for, consider a stand alone shareware program like ToyCamera AnalogColor for the Macintosh platform. I can’t say that I use this program on a regular basis, but it does come in handy on occasion—mostly for having a little lighthearted fun with photos by turning them into faux old film photos. Maybe those should henceforth be known as fauxtos?

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