Top iPhone Photo Apps

I don’t have an iPhone. Horrible, but true. I think I’d like one just to have that little camera in my pocket all the time—and to make use of some of pretty great iPhone photo apps. There’s a list at Lightstalking of the top 10 iPhone photography apps every photographer should have. I’m particularly fond of the depth of field calculator, which could come in really handy if you know some simple dimensions about the subject you absolutely must make tack sharp. Hipstamatic is, of course, practically a household name on its own these days. I’ve seen plenty of amazing Hipstamatic pictures, and it’s enough to make me want an iPhone on its own. An app I’d never used, Pano, allows you to make seamless, simple and beautiful panoramic photographs—really taking the usability of that tiny little camera above and beyond. It’s the kind of thing to make you really happy you own an iPhone. Now if only I had one…

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