Top 5 Features In Photoshop CC

Julieanne Kost, Adobe’s senior Photoshop evangelist, recently gave us a nice walkthrough of the new Camera Shake Reduction filter that has been added to the latest version of Photoshop, now known as CC (for Creative Cloud). As a recent convert to the Creative Cloud licensing model, I’m pretty thrilled with the software so far, and even more thrilled to see that Ms. Kost has published a video of her five favorite new features of the program. Sure, Camera Shake Reduction is there, but I’m particularly stoked about the Upright perspective controls available in the Lens Profile Corrections, as well as the radial fill, which sure looks like an excellent way to take precise control of vignetting for those of us who love the vignette. If you’re just getting the hang of Photoshop CC, or if you’re considering making the change, definitely take a look at this video for a walkthrough from one of Adobe’s best and brightest.

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