Tips For Underwater Photography

In my little corner of the Midwest, Memorial Day marks the official opening of swimming season. So now that summer has officially arrived, at least as far as swimming pools are concerned, why not consider a bit of underwater photography for those long summer days? Whether you’re in a backyard pool, a local pond, or the great big sea, underwater photography is definitely a fun way to create unique images. Alix Martinez of ClickinMoms has posted a tutorial with simple tips for getting started in underwater photography. She suggest starting with simple and affordable cameras—whether they’re disposable underwater cameras or something like a waterproof point and shoot. You’ll get a feel for what you can do underwater—as well as what you can’t—before you go risking your expensive DSLR and lenses. Alix upgraded to an Ikelite waterproof housing for her Canon 5D Mark 3, which is the same sort of gear a professional underwater shooter would use, so you know her results are going to be great. Read more, and get ready to take a dip and make some pix, at

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