Tintypes Today

Here’s a great way to say goodbye to an old year and ring in the new one: let’s make 2012 the year of the return of antique photographic processes! Or at least, let’s marvel at the dedication of those select few photographers who are not only keeping film alive, but going back far enough in time to keep film’s predecessors alive too. Brooklyn photographer Lisa Elmaleh is one such creative genius who’s taken to using the tintype technique to create portraits and landscapes with her large format camera. Turning her car into a darkroom, Lisa has made a series of gorgeous portraits of Appalachian musicians, as well as a stunning landscape series in Florida’s Everglades. The process, much like the look and feel of the resulting images, is truly timeless. I can’t think of a better technique to visualize the last vestiges of vanishing cultures and natural habitats. Visit Lisa’s web site at http://lisaelmaleh.com to learn more about the photographer and her wonderful work.

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