Time’s Top Photos Of 2011

For those who appreciate world-class news photography—even when it’s addressing distressing subjects such as war and famine—Time’s list of the best news photos from 2011 is well worth a look. Filled with iconic images, as well as photos of the most notable and iconic world events of the year, the group shows not only that photojournalism is far from dead, but the power of an image to deliver news and information in a manner unlike any other medium. Be warned, some of these images are graphic in nature and depict events from Somalia to Afghanistan, Washington to Tahrir Square. One notable image was taken with an iPhone from 35,000 feet in the air. The photograph of the Space Shuttle slipping the surly bonds spread virally on the Internet and earned its rightful place among the best images of the year. Read about its creation, along with that of each of the ten images on this list, at Time’s Lightbox blog.
Photo by Stefanie Gordon

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