Time Lapse In Motion

Photographer Josh Owens is a time lapse master. I recently saw a video he put together showing New York City in time lapse, and the plain beauty of this simple technique once again wowed me. Plain old time lapse photography is impressive and beautiful enough in itself, even when the camera is static and we watch a scene unfold and evolve over a given amount of time. But Josh does what so many folks these days are doing—he pushes the boundaries of his medium and creates something a little bit new. He adds motion to his time lapse videos by moving the camera with a dolly. No he’s not the first to do this, but his work demonstrates a magnificent aptitude for the construction of a pleasing composition and an amazing understanding of motion. He seems able to be a master of previsualization, which is no small feat. The bottom line is that Josh’s work is if nothing else really neat to look at. Do that at his Mind Relic web site, www.mindrelic.com.

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