Time-Laps Tips

I’m a big fan of time-lapse video, though I’ve only dabbled with creating the effect once or twice. With everybody making videos on their DSLRs these days, it’s a nice way of bridging the gap between still photography and video. What I especially like is it’s a great effect; nothing else looks quite like a time-lapse video, and you can’t really fake it in post. If you want a time-lapse look, you shoot a time-lapse. What a great way to turn a boring vacation landscape into a more interesting memory, or an ideal way to tell a story that stills just won’t do or a video wouldn’t capture in quite the same way. But time-lapse isn’t quite the same as still photography, and it’s not quite the same as video. The techniques are a little specific to time-lapse: things that would work in a single still image may not work in a time-lapse series of hundreds of images. So here’s a collection of simple tips to help you make great time-lapse videos. 


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