Tiffen ND 3.0 Ten-Stop Neutral Density Filter

Last week at the Consumer Electronics Show, Tiffen announced a new 10-stop neutral density filter. I want one of these neat little things. The ND 3.0, as it’s officially called, produces a whopping ten stops of neutral (meaning no color shift) density (meaning darkness, like sunglasses provide). Why would you want an image to be darker, much less ten stops darker? Landscape photographers regularly rely on ND filters all the time to help lengthen exposures; it’s an ideal technique for creating smooth, blurry water (from waterfalls, tides, or any other situation in which water is moving). That’s an effect that’s always intrigued me, as does the way things blur over time as they move across the sensor during a long exposure. The ability to make a normal daylight exposure really long (this ND 3.0 would take a 1/125th shutter speed and turn it into a very long eight-second exposure) simply allows you to create some really unique special effects. I’m on board. Learn more about this neat filter and what it can do at Tiffen’s web site. 


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