Three Simple Ways To Add Pop To Your Photos

I’m always looking for simple ways to add pop to my photographs—particularly the ones that are made outdoors. So when I found Gavin Hardcastle’s tutorial for adding pop to landscapes with three simple steps in Photoshop, I was excited to share it here with you. My favorite part of Mr. Hardcastle’s suggestions is the fact that he’s able to make some fairly strong enhancements with some fairly straightforward and easy-to-use tools, even for photographers who are fairly new to the software. Though the one thing I would improve upon is that instead of just erasing parts of layers you don’t want to use, you’d be better served by using layer masks—though I understand that Mr. Hardcastle wants to keep things simple precisely so even new users can understand the changes. The bottom line is, whether you’re brand new to Photoshop or an experienced user, this Digital Photography School tip should be on your reading list because it’s so darn simple and still effective.

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